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How To Win Wheel Of Fortune: Rules, Tips, Famous Winners

Have you ever dreamed of participating in the spectacular and lucrative TV show that is Wheel of Fortune? The fun and excitement of this widely celebrated game are now available to online players. Read below to learn to play wheel of fortune and discover some great tips on how to win Wheel of Fortune easily.

How To Play Wheel Of Fortune Online?

The best online casinos Australia game replicates the most fun aspects of the same-name TV show and follows the same baseline rules. Knowing them is the first step in learning how to win Wheel of fortune.

  1. Once the game has loaded fully in your browser, you need to spin the wheel. This determines the value of points on each turn. The wheel’s bankrupt section is to be dreaded.
  2. Select the consonant letter from the board. If your letter opens up on the puzzle board at least one time, you receive points.
  3. Every turn allows the player to buy a vowel.
  4. Typically, you have 5 turns to discover the answer, and the game lasts for a total of three rounds.

Thanks to the online adaptation, you can enjoy the game’s atmosphere and excitement from the comfort of your home.

How To Win Wheel Of Fortune And Who Did It Best

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Strategies on how to win Wheel of Fortune are different from those at slot machines. This game tests not only the participant’s luck but also their skills and knowledgeability. One of the main recommendations for new players is to remember the letters with the highest probability: EAT IRONS.

Tips On How To Win Wheel Of Fortune

These useful tips will help a novice player get better at solving the Wheel of Fortune puzzles.

  • Try to find letter groups in the phrase. Digraphs such as St, Th, Ch, Sh, and Wh are a big part of how to win Wheel of Fortune.
  • Words consisting of 3 letters are the easiest to solve. You can rely on them when you must open a letter in the current turn.
  • Different categories may use different parts of speech. If you’re trying to solve a puzzle about foods and drinks, it may very well contain an adjective. For example, “tasty ice-cream”.
  • In the bonus round, pick letters of which you are unsure. Selecting a letter of which you are 99% certain is a waste of a pick in this round.

A crucial part of how to win Wheel of Fortune is to not be stingy about buying vowels and hints when this gives you a chance to snatch 5000 dollars or more.

Wheel of Fortune – Famous Winners

Ever wondered who went home with the largest monetary prizes in the game’s history? These people who could tell you from experience how to win 1 million on Wheel of Fortune.

  • Sarah Manchester – a math teacher who won $1,017,490 in 2014. She solved the final puzzle concealing the phrase “Loud Laughter”.
  • Michelle Loewenstein – the first player in the game’s history who managed to snatch a win exceeding a million dollars – $1,026,080. The final puzzle she had to solve was “Leaky Faucet”.
  • Autumn Erhard – in 2013, this player was granted $1,030,430 – the highest-value win of all times. “Tough Workout” was the puzzle separating her from the staggering cash prize.

Michael Stouber could tell you how to win Wheel of Fortune in the category of single-day prizes, for he managed to acquire $262,743.